Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Who the heck is Nick Cannon?

- Music
'Gigolo' by Nick Cannon. I have a soft spot for songs about being a gigolo. My dad is said to have been caught singing 'Just a Gigolo' by David Lee Roth while in the hospital waiting for my youngest brother to be born.
I think it's a pleasant 'soft' boast since pretty much no one ever calls themself a gigolo with a straight face. Can you?
'Just a Gigolo' was kind to me when I sang it to open karaoke at my Brother in law's wedding. It's just a fun song. Nick Cannon's version is fun for different reasons. I like when he says the 'shawtees' call him the scarecrow cuz he lookin for some brains. I don't really get it but I think it might be funny. Well I laugh anyways.

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