Saturday, November 14, 2009

Best 15$ I've spent in weeks


Went to Troegs and had my growler filled with the Mad Elf. The beer is a high alcohol content holiday beer in the style of a barleywine. It's brewed with honey, cherries, and chocolate. Delicious I tell you. Delicious.
If you're interested in trying some you're gonna have to be local to Pennsylvania, as I believe the distribution area is limited to only about 10 states. Definitely worth it if you can find some. Just watch out cause it'll knock the shit out of you if you drink too much. Don't wait too long to seek it out since it's a Christmas seasonal.


The Penguins look like a completely different team now that Malkin is back, but they're about two and half minutes from losing to Boston. That's not so bad since the backup goaltender is playing tonight, but still as a fan you want to believe that the losing will end.

*incredible update - Billy G. scored off a feed from Malkin with 0.4 seconds left in the game to tie it, and Staal fed Dupuis to win it in overtime.

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