Monday, November 23, 2009

Clean-up time

- Lockerz

I signed up for a market research community. Log in every day = 2 points. Answer a single question every day = 2 points.
Total of 4 points per day.
Accumulate 600-1000 points and you can trade them for something interesting like a PS3. I can't vouch for it personally but I have a few friends I trust who can and did. So I'm trying it.
If I invite some people I can get prizes quicker, so if you're interested or even if you're not really interested but you're willing to waste a few minutes creating a log-in, please give me your E-mail address. The goal they set for me is 20 invites and I don't even know if I have that many friends, but I'm gonna give it a go anyways.

- Music
Fleetwood Mac. I prefer Lindsey Buckingham's vocals to those of Stevie Nicks.
Taylor Swift. I didn't mind listening to her music at first, but the music station at work plays her stuff constantly. The most recent single is on a 4 hour rotation and all of her other songs still get heavy play as well. It gets so that you can't go more than 2 hours without hearing one of her endless variations on teen romance. Too much.
Red Hot Chili Peppers. One of my favorite bands but maybe they could stop referencing California every 30 seconds. I'm tired of hearing about the state.

- Places
Speaking of which, pop culture might lead one to believe that California is the most awesome place to be. My experience hasn't been nearly as pleasant. For example....
All I wanted was a freaking cheesesteak but I couldn't find a good one in San Diego. I finally settled for a crummy one at the mall, just eating and minding my own business when this dude and his girlfriend stand up, glare at me and walk away. It took me a minute to realize he must've thought I was checking her out. As if I would be interested in his skanky looking, flat chested bitch anyways. I was actually checking out a much hotter girl behind them.
But it creeped me out. A civilized person would've addressed me directly. I'd rather be addressed. If someone stands up and asks me if I'm checking his girl out I'm pretty sure I'd know what to say. Maybe I'm feeling froggy and I say something like ' I was just daydreaming about how she'd look like bent over my coffee table', or maybe I tell the truth and point out the hot girl behind them and we both get a good laugh out of it.
But seeing this guy jump to the wrong conclusion, pack up his meal and leave the restaurant is so foreign....
I don't even know what to think.
And there's lots of reasons beyond that to explain my dislike but I'm not trying to start fights or anything. It's just not a place I like to be.

So without any further ado I present a list of my favorite places.

1. Hawaii
2. Home (Pennsylvania)
3. Singapore
4. North Carolina
5. New York (upstate)
6. Japan
7. South Carolina
8. West Virginia
9. Chicago

And somewhere near the bottom... California
Last. Virginia

I'm not even gonna get started on Virginia.

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