Thursday, November 12, 2009

First Post.

I struggled to find good tunes tonight. The Miley Cyrus song 'Party in the U.S.A.' killed the mood early. I'm tired of hearing it and it just happened to be playing on two stations at once. I didn't mind the song at first. It's a teenager singing a song for teenagers and no one is making it out to be something it's not. I't's just a basic disposable pop song. But it's a little bit too cute for it's own good.
The situation got a little bit better when I found Lady Gaga's 'Paparazzi'. I like the way the song uses a rolling synth to create tension, suggestive of the potentially serious consequences of fan obsession. That's followed by a pretty vocal part from the perspective of the obsessed person. "Chase you down until you love me."
It's dischordant, strangely beautiful and probably meant to reveal the twisted mindset of a mentally ill fan.
Then there's three sharp shouts which seem to signify violence, like the crack of gun, and then the voice of the obsessed fan again.
Lady Gaga makes for an easy target for the casual music critic. She wears strange clothes, doesn't have a  noteworthy voice and her sound seems a little bit too tailored to the airwaves, but I think a closer examination reveals some depth in her creative process.
Then Kings of Leon 'Use Somebody'. Still a decent song. I think the appeal for me is primarily in the lead singer. He's got a pretty good voice, a good sound for rock I should say.

-Fantasy Music Draft
That reminds me. Freddie Mercury is my pick for greatest vocalist of all time. If I could draft an 'ultimate rock band' he'd be my #1 pick.
Interesting mental exercise. Pretend you're doing a fantasy football draft, but you're picking band members instead. Do you start with a vocalist and hope that the guitarist you want is still available in the second round? Or maybe you're gonna start with the rhythm section? You gotta have a great drummer if you want to be a legendary rock band.And then you gotta have the best songwriter you can get your hands on, so maybe McCartney on bass?
So many choices.....

The Penguins lost again. Too many injuries right now.

My daughter was a pretty big P.I.T.A. tonight. Couldn't figure out why she was screaming. At least she's sleeping now.

Paul Krugman embarrassed himself pretty bad in the Op-eds. He blamed California's problems on the Republican party. Yeah I know.... Democrats run the state but apparently it's the Republicans' fault the state is broke.
But my favorite part was (and I apologize that I can't find the article online yet so I'll have to paraphrase...) he said 'The most qualified person isn't always the one who gets elected, voters are often just reacting to current events."
He was attempting to explain away the losses the Democrats took in the election last week, but that statement is also a pretty fair description of the circumstances about Obama's election.
I laughed out loud at him.

Obama at least has finally made the tough decision to increase troop levels in Afghanistan. Withdrawing troops entirely would also have been acceptable. Gold star to you Barry.

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