Sunday, November 22, 2009

Pineapples are tasty

- Porch furniture

When we moved into our current home the previous owner had left a small bench on the front porch. It was distinctive with a pineapple design and relatively nice looking but it was also obviously for decoration only and it had a support missing so it was probably dangerous to sit on it. I liked it better than Kim did since I lived in Hawaii for four years and got addicted to Hawaiian pineapples when I was there. We can't get Hawaiian pineapples here in Harrisburg though. They're all shipped from Costa Rica.
The other reason I liked it is because pineapples are considered a sign of greeting in some cultures. But the wife had some nice chairs in mind for that space....
We put it on the curb and less than 20 minutes later it was gone. It was kinda frightening how fast that bench disappeared. It was cast metal and therefore of limited use to the metal scavengers, but we figured someone just wanted a decoration.
Fast forward one year and a new neighbor is moving into the apartment next door. She was getting help from our neighbors across the street and we think it's safe to assume that our new neighbor is our existing neighbor's mother or aunt perhaps. She's sitting on the front porch on that same old pineapple bench this morning. Mystery solved I guess. I'm not sure if I should feel creepy about the people across the street taking our trash off the curb but I can't really complain too much either since I was trying to get rid of it. I guess I'll just be happy that it found a new home.

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