Friday, November 27, 2009

Heck of a holiday

- Thanksgiving
Oh god.... Well the week started badly with me being a total ass to Kim. The details aren't really important, it's just enough to know that I behaved badly and it made for a rough weekend. That was last Saturday and Sunday.
Then on Monday I didn't sleep much due to a few early appointments Kim had to keep, then on Tuesday I had to get up early again for a haircut, then on Wednesday I had to get up early again so we could run out and buy a baby carrier. But Thursday is when things really started to go bad.
First I didn't sleep much at all due to a fussy baby and an early departure for upstate NY. Four hour drive later and I'm visiting with Kim's family. They're all very nice so it's not a chore, but I decided to send a message to my best friend who'd been nice enough to invite my Mom and middle brother for Thanksgiving dinner. They weren't there. Apparently my younger brother decided to make a dinner too, but he didn't tell anyone and when my Mom was confronted with competing turkeys she snubbed my best friend. I'm so mad at my family for doing this to him, and he's too nice to say anything but I'm sure he's mad too.
I repress my anger and try to sleep on the couch with the baby, and apparently I missed when Kim's uncle was offering to buy us the TV I wanted. Yeah he was drunk at the time but still....
Then the next day is Black Friday so of course it's a pain in the butt shopping day, traffic and crowds and such. I finally get Kim out of there and my Mother calls, she wants to tell me that the property taxes weren't paid for in 2008 and the state is going to foreclose on her house. Except my name is on the lease as co-signer so it's also MY house and MY credit at stake. And 'oh by the way I don't qualify for LIHEAP this year so I can't afford to get heating oil either' got tacked on at the end. The fun never stops.
And so I finally get back to Harrisburg, thinking it's time to relax but the dog runs out into the street and just misses getting his head smashed by a car. That's fine though, cause the Pitt Panthers lose on a last second field goal that derails their season in the next to last game. Just a little kick to the junk, the cherry on top of a crap sundae.

I guess I could focus on the positives, but I hear that dwelling on your problems is nature's way of helping you solve them. I guess I'm doing a lot of solving tonight. Yep. Lots of solving......

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