Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some kind of a day

- Daughter

She was miserable for about seven hours straight. Inconsolable, screaming, crying, waving her arms and legs around. Whatever we did wrong, she sure let us know about it. I type this paragraph a mere 10 minutes after finally getting her to fall asleep. Don't even know if she'll stay asleep, but for the moment it's quiet.

- Family

And then my Mother took too much insulin. Her blood sugar was 49, she was passing out, and my brother called me in a panic looking for direction. I talked him through getting sugar into her system, then I ran to the McDonald's and got her some carbs.
Everything was going good, her blood sugar was peaking pretty high after the Big Mac I admit but I don't know insulin doses nearly well enough to guess at an appropriate amount of food would be.
And then she shot herself up AGAIN. Just a half an hour ago! Maybe she wants to go into a coma?
So I'm staying up worried about that too. Ugh.

- Football

The Steelers lost to the Bengals. The difference was a kickoff return run-back.
I don't get upset about losses like this. I'm sure any one who watches football is aware that Steelers fans can be pretty cocky about the team.
Well this is no different. I've seen the Steelers get outplayed before and this wasn't it. They weren't outplayed last time either. They WERE played pretty even and the Bengals deserve some credit for that.

- More Football

Belichick blew it big time. He went for it on fourth down and two from inside the 40. His OWN 40. Stupid? Absolutely. Punt the ball and make Peyton Manning beat you. Don't take a risk that does half the work for him.
I love this. Tom Brady seems like he's a world-class douchebag, so the fact he got cheated out of a win that he actually deserved is awesome. Belichick? He doesn't just SEEM like a douchbag. He's the pinnacle of douche. Belichick deserves to lose and it's a shame it doesn't happen to him more often.

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