Friday, November 13, 2009

Daughter relief

- Daughter
Well the missus and I theorized that the baby was constipated. We got her some gas drops, switched to a formula with less iron, burped her more often and did these little bicycle motions with her legs. Tonight we've got a happy baby. Of course the tricky thing about babies is that it could just be a coincidence. Life playing a cruel trick on us. "Oh you thought you had her figured out? Well wait till I hit you with my next problem!"
But for the moment, we've got a happy baby.

- Music
Rihanna's 'Umbrella' - I once saw a youtube video of a guy 'one-man-band'-ing this song and doing a decent job of it. It's undeniably simple, but I've never had a problem with simple. I think the song is catchy enough, she's got a good set of pipes and it doesn't sound exactly like anything else on the radio so I like it.
Motley Crue 'Doctor Feelgood' - When I listen to this song it gets me pretty pumped up, but I also feel unexpected notes of self-assurance.
I think it's a byproduct of the song's structure. What I'm hearing is a series of leading statements followed by an affirmation, and that affirmation is comforting.
"He's the one they call Doctor Feelgood!" (statement)
Duh duh-duh duh duh duh duh duh (affirmation)
It's almost like an uptempo duet between Vince Neil and the rhythm section. Vince wails and the guitar wails, and sometimes the statement ends on a sustained note that sounds almost plaintive, but the pounding of the rhythm section always answers.

Big news from the LCROSS mission. We smashed an old satellite into the Cabeus crater near the south pole of the Moon and spectral analysis of the dust plume conservatively suggests at least 24 gallons of water was dislodged by the impact.
This is a BIG DEAL if you're interested in going back to the Moon. A bone-dry Moon means it would be an engineering nightmare to build any sort of lab or habitat on the Moon's surface. Can't live or build anything or do any sort of meaningful science without access to water, and water is not easy to take with you.
Now that we have an idea of where to find water and how much is up there we may be able to create plans for an outpost using that information.
I'm still pretty gung-ho about going straight to Mars myself, but the Moon is okay.

This is the second straight month that I'm just not that excited by the Zuda offerings. That's not a problem for me. I've come to expect months like this. I think the editors probably do some sort of grouping when they pick their competitors and I think there'll be a more appealing month coming soon. I will endorse 'Children of the Sewer' as my vote for November. The style of the art seems familiar, but I'm not sure who it reminds me of. Maybe Joe Kubert? He's a little before my time.

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