Friday, November 13, 2009

COD Modern Warfare 2

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I was watching a video review of the game today and it brought up all kinds of good memories of my days playing COD 1, but I also discovered that a lot of changes have been made and these changes have turned me away from the game.
I want to start by saying that console first person shooters are not my cup of tea. The obvious problem, the difference between a mouse and a joystick, is the one that kills it for me.
Now I know there's millions of people who are perfectly fine with the joystick. It's playable if you're willing to accept a lower standard of control.
Hell, I've had a blast with Halo myself..... but only on a casual basis.
My preference for mouse is so pronounced that I can't get the same level of enjoyment out of a joystick controlled FPS. I'd relate it to the difference between the Mona Lisa and LEGO Mona Lisa. Same basic composition, but the product is obviously compromised from the original vision.
The reason I'm not happy with Infinity Ward is that they seem to have embraced the lego version of their old successful formula. Everything about the game seems catered to console gamers and the PC gamer has been abandoned.

For the multiplayer where they've adopted a compromised form of multi-player that should work fine for the console players, but the PC player is pretty much screwed. Lag is a bigger problem, cheaters can't be policed without IW intervention, and competitive play types are limited only to whatever IW allows.
Another slap in the face.... they cut 'leaning' out of the game for no apparent reason. The stated reason was 'The game isn't balanced for leaning' but what does that even mean? Leaning has never created a balance problem.
And this is just a representative sampling of the problems, meant to demonstrate that Infinity Ward has in fact dumbed down their product, chasing after the unwashed masses while ignoring the community that first befriended them. I hope it bites them in the ass.

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